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7th SagaBegining Everything Maxed OutDownload
ActraiserEverything but the north wall is being builtDownload
Bahamut LagoonClose To End Of GameDownload
Breath Of FireFlying To The Floating CastleDownload
Breath Of Fire 2After Getting Every CharacterDownload
Breath Of Fire 2All Characters, right near end, farthest one.Download
Chrono TriggerRight Before You Fight LavosDownload
Dragon Quest 6(Jap)After defeating MundoDownload
EarthBoundBefore The Fight With GigasDownload
Final Fantasy 2Last Save PointDownload
Final Fantasy 3Everyone Maxed Out In LevelsDownload
Final Fantasy 5eAll Characters Maxed On 2nd WorldDownload
Final Fantasy MystiqFinal LevelDownload
Front MissionLast MissionDownload
Illusions Of GaiaLast save pointDownload
LufiaLast StageDownload
Lufia 2At the beginning with maxim at level 97 and 9 999 999 goldDownload
Ogre BattleLast spot unconquered,Death Palace Beaten,Gunner and Denim almost InvincibleDownload
Ray EarthAt the very last battle to beat the whole game.Download
Secret Of EvermoreOmnitopia With Toaster DogDownload
Secret Of ManaAll 3 Characters At MontanagoDownload
Seiken Densetsu 3Very end on the hardest story (Hawk, Angela, Reisz)Download
Sailor Moon RpgAll Senshi, lvl 99, all combinations before battle with bossDownload
Super Mario RpgFull Levels of Experience- Best Items- Right at EndDownload
TerranigmaLast Save PointDownload
Tales Of PhantasiaDesert with all characters around level 30! (Good HP and TP)Download
Treasure Hunter G JApLast Save PointDownload
Ys3last stageDownload
Zelda3Before Last BossDownload
Keep in mind for every rom , the save games must be renamed to the same as the rom.

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