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    GB Emu v.44.4 for Windows
    D Boy v0.73 for DOS
    No$ GMB v2.5 for Windows
    No$ GMB v2.5 for DOS
    No$ GMB v2.4 for Windows
    BoyCott v.55b for DOS
    Virtual GameBoy v1.6 for Windows
    Visual GameBoy v1.4.7 for Windows
    KGB v.22 Beta 2 for DOS
    Boycott v0.63b for Windows
    REW v0.12 STX for Windows
    GBFan Plus v1.13 3rd release for Windows
    GEM v0.5 for Windows
    GB Final v0.10 for Windows
    Prototype-D v0.1LP for Windows
    TGB v0.1 AE for Windows
    TGB Dual Build 758 for Windows
    Virtual Gameboy Color FULL for Windows
    GameLad v1.1 for Windows
    DreamGBC v0.6 for Windows

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